Whenever I share moments from my journey, I'm always reminded of the people who inspired me, the individuals who supported me, the creatives who entrusted me with their stories, my many triumphs and the challenges that helped me to become the storyteller (and woman) that I am today.

Thank you to all of the hosts who have given me the opportunity to share my stories with them and their audiences.


cinema after dark with Max Cole

It's not every day that I receive an invitation to curl up on my couch with a hot cup of tea for an interview. So, naturally, when Max Cole invited me to be on 'Cinema After Dark' to talk about the craft of acting and my passion for storytelling, I gladly welcomed the opportunity to do exactly that. What was to be an hour long conversation, turned into 2.5 hours! As the old adage goes, time flies when you are having fun.

To listen to and/or download my interview, click the file above.

Special thanks to Max Cole for a great conversation and for creating a space where artists share their journey. And, to R. Shanea Williams for sharing my work and contact information with Max. 

If you love learning about the craft of filmmaking, I highly recommend adding Cinema After Dark to your  podcast list!


speaking to harmony: 'find your happy'

What would your days, minutes and seconds looks like if you focused on finding your happy? It's from this place of curiosity that Kim Williams (Writer/Producer) created Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s and brought me along for the ride as 'Maxwell' on the series! [ FYI: the time stamp for our segment is: 1:31:57 to 1:57:40 ]

Thank you to Sisters in Harmony for inviting Kim onto the show. And, Kim, thank you for sharing this space with me. #happy

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