All Ah Wee!// Classic Caribbean Father Fashion!

My friends laugh at me for always claiming that some one is a Carib-Being. Don't let me hear a slight accent or notice something like a middle age man wearing Jesus sandals. I will declare you a true Caribbean in seconds!

Watch today's video to learn my Carib hawk-eye techniques as well as the recent differences I learned between a Father and a Dad.

Today's post is dedicated to my Dad who exposed me to politics, the value of human rights and joy of being in service of others. The things he exposed me to and continues to share with me, have greatly aided in making me the Woman I am to day. Thanks, DAD!

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Happy Dad's Day to all Men who play an active role in nurturing, raising and providing for their children(biologically or not) emotionally, mentally and in every way that you can. Thank You!

Nia Fairweather