ALL AH WEE! // Intro + Classic Caribbean Fete Tunes

a  personal video series in celebration of Caribbean Heritage Month.

SYNOPSIS: In this episode I share what ALL AH WEE! means in kick this series off with some CLASSIC CARIBBEAN FETE TUNES for your enjoyment; and for some a trip down memory lane! CLICK + ENJOY :)

Continue JAMMING to these tunes, by clicking the playlist below. 

DISCLAIMER: please note the music mentioned in this video is in celebration of these artists and the way their music has been threaded throughout my life. It is not for my personal gain.

With that said, please join me in SUPPORTING THESE ARTISTS by purchasing their music which can be found on iTunes:

  1. NANI WINE by Byron Lee & the Dragonaires (Jamaica)

  2. DOLLAR WINE by Colin Lucas (Trinidad & Tobago)

  3. TEASER by Becket (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)

  4. HOT HOT HOT by Arrow (Montserrat)

  5. NO NO NO by Dawn Penn (Jamaica)

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