ALL AH WEE! // Euzhan Palcy


Euzhan Palcy is a film director, writer and producer from Martinique, French West Indies. She is notable for being the first black woman director produced by a major Hollywood studio, the first black director (male or female) to direct an actor to an Oscar nomination and the first black director to win a César Award, the highest French film award. She is also the first black director to win of a Venice Film Festival Award (Silver Lion)!

Sugar Cane Alley poster

In 1983, she directed Sugar Cane Alley (Rue Cases Nègres) putting the French West Indies on cinema’s world stages. I was introduced to this film when I was a child by my parents. By introduced, I mean my parents loved the film and I caught glimpses as they watched it repeatedly with friends. Being that I was a child, I naturally thought "if they love it for sure too old and uncool for me!"

I recently rewatched the film and BOY was I wrong!!!

The film is beautifully shot. I was moved by the story and OUTSTANDING performances. This film gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices my parents, their parents and our ancestor made so we, the next generation could have access to greater experiences and success.

With that said, below is the ALL AH WEE! episode 2 featuring Euzhan Palcy and the affect her film had on me.

You can learn more about Euzhan Palcy and her work by visiting her website

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