All Ah Wee! // from barrels to FASHION FRWD


At a young age my mother instilled three  core principles in me: 1) this is what/all you are getting, 2) you have to take good care of it and 3) money don't grow on trees! 

These principles applied to everything; from school supplies to toys. The category I gave the most pushback was when it came to clothing because I wanted to be as stylish as friends, classmates and the ads on TV.

Being a true Caribbean parent, through and through, my mother made sure I had a clear understanding of the shoes she wore until they had holes as a child and the Caribbean custom of using what you had until it was no longer feasible. And, even then there was someone who miraculously could mend it back to working order!

Click the video below to hear how what I thought was an early Christmas experience with my Mother quickly became a lesson in reusable fashions.


I'll be honest. When I was a child, I had no choice but to do as my mother said. However, when I started to earn my own coins, it took a few years of cute, one-wash and its done clothing (literally money down the drain) before I went back to my Caribbean clothing roots!

With my mother's teachings as my foundation, I made major changes in my purchasing habits which includes researching the brand(s) production and sourcing processes as well as educating myself on how my purchases impact the planet.

Earlier this year, I discovered two great resources and I would like to share them with you! If you have a go-to sustainability resource, please share it with me!

FASHION REVOLUTION  "We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure." Their website is packed with global stats and resources so you can educate yourself and share those findings with others. Get ready for your mind to be blown!

 WARDROBE CRISIS (one of my favorite podcasts!) hosted by Clare Press, is a show that unzips the real issues that face the industry today, with a focus on ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity and creativity. Great way to be informed and learn while on the run!

Please note the artwork within this post are owned/copyright by FASHION REVOLUTION.

Nia Fairweather