All Ah Wee! // Nathalie Joachim


Have you ever had a passion project that you keep delaying because its not fully flushed out and you are not sure how to execute it? Well, Nathalie Joachim took the plunge and has not only celebrated and discovered new things about her homeland, HAITI, but inspired many along the way!

Nathalie Joachim is a Brooklyn born Haitian American flutist, vocalist, composer, producer--“edgy multi- genre performance artist who has long been pushing boundaries with her flute”. (The Washington Post) 

She is a flutist of the four-time Grammy winning contemporary chamber ensemble, Eighth Blackbird. Joachim is also co- founder of the critically acclaimed art pop duo, Flutronix, known best for “redefining the flute and modernizing its sound by hauling it squarely into the world of popular music.” (N. Joachim website)

I was introduced to Nathalie's work via her interview on of my favorite podcasts, On Being w/ Krista Tippett, and quickly became a fan! She is PHENOMENAL!

Watch the video below to learn more about Nathalie Joachim and how she and her work inspires me!

As mentioned, I share this video in hopes that you will be inspired to support this generous artist. You can  experience more of her awesomeness as well as purchase her music via her website. Also, when you get the chance please check out her interview on ON BEING. Even if all you have is 10 minutes because her performance at the beginning is life giving! ENJOY :)

PHOTO CREDIT: Nathalie Joachim

Nia Fairweather