ALL AH WEE! // From Sir Sidney Poitier


When I started my journey as an Actor, I was advised to get a mentor. Great. But, what do you do when no one within your immediate circle of friends and family are in the industry? I did what I do best. I read and researched people who were where I aspired to be?


That person for me was Sir Sidney Poitier. I devoured his book, The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography, as well as any films and interviews I could get my hand on.

In today's ALL AH WEE! video, I share four gems that I've learned from Sir Poitier, whom I respectfully consider as one of my mentors-- even though, we've never met!

May his words and these insights be a source of inspiration throughout your day.

Peace, Nia


Nia Fairweather