All Ah WEE! // SOCA inna we waist!

Music is one of many cultural threads that connects all of the countries in the Caribbean. 

SOCA music is an extension of Calypso music which has roots in West Africa, the origin of many of the slaves throughout the Caribbean. In 1960’s, Calypso was declining in popularity but there was a resurgence to revitalize the art form which birthed SOCA (Soul Of CAlypso). 

SOCA music combines traditional Calypso rhythms with West African and East Indian beats making it high energy, festive music played during most celebrations.

In today’s ALL AH WEE! video I share my TOP 5 CLASSIC SOCA TUNES. Click, turn up the volume and get ready to work your waistline!!

Here’s a link to the playlist so you can JUMP UP throughout your day!

As always, I share these tunes in hopes that you’ll not only enjoy them but be moved to support these Artists. Their songs are available for purchase on multiple digital platforms.

Have a great week,


Nia Fairweather