New Project // BIRTH RIGHTS

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For over 2 months, I’ve been investigating issues surrounding crisis pregnancy centers, women and teen immigrants and detainees across the United States.

As an ACTRESS, I’ve never been one to shy away from telling unnerving, thought-provoking and gritty stories. As an EMPATH, I see my family, friends and neighbors in every story, case and interview. As a FIRST-GENERATION AMERICAN, I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility in sharing my experiences and findings truthfully. As an ARTIST, I’m COMMITTED to employing my gifts/talents to bring people to a place of empathy and conversations surrounding tough issues. 

As a WRITER, I brought all of the above to each session and 3Girls Theatre Company , who invited me collaborate on ‘Birth Right’; a one-act play, addressing these issues, for their New Works festival (July 27-Aug 5).

Now, as a CITIZEN, I’m mapping out how to constructively share my findings I won’t be able to address this time around…because whether directly or indirectly they affect All Ah Wee.



Nia Fairweather