Eternal H A Z E is a photo essay inspired my role as ‘Hazel’ in the play Zenith.

'HAZEL' is a young mother of three at the crossroads of providing for her family, repairing the hurts of her husband's past and finding ways to hold onto her own voice when a tragedy hits her home; creating craters in her heart that may never heal.

The world premiere of ZENITH by Kirsten Greenidge was a part of the San Francisco’s Playhouse Sandbox Series August 24, 2017 to September 10, 2017.


After weeks spent indoors researching and rehearsing for Zenith, I decided to use my afternoon off to visit one of my favorite spaces, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

As with all of my visits to the SF MOMA, I ventured to the 3rd floor to end my day with a ritual of free form journaling over a mug of hot apple cider and a slice of the gluten-free almond cake (I live for this cake!) at the Sightglass café.

While waiting for my treats, I spotted an invitation to engage with “Self Composed”, an interactive digital photography experience. Naturally, the fine artist in me leapt at the opportunity to spontaneously create.

As I took my seat at the table, the reflection of my face on the bright screen reminded me of  “caught in the light”, one of my lines as ‘Hazel’ in the play, Zenith. (Yes, the same play I was taking an afternoon break from!)

Whenever I’m in a moment of play, I lose all concept of time. The only markers of this creative break are the following photos. I didn’t look at the photos until they fell out of my journal that night. Without intending to do so, each photo had an eerily “Hazel” feel to them.

In many ways these photos are a visual representation and journal entry of the parts of ‘Hazel’ that lingered with me throughout this production, and a portrait of the part of me that is working even when I say “I’m taking a break!”.

Enjoy :)



 Click here for more information about “Self Composed”, a collaboration between SFMOMA and Adobe.