Nia Fairweather

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Hey! I’m Nia

an actress + writer passionate about connecting with others through authentic conversations and vulnerable storytelling.

How does an extremely introverted Brooklyn born-raised girl, who avoided cameras like the plague until the age of 16, end up becoming  an Actress?

I’ll spare you the months of journaling, wandering the streets of NY and spontaneously crying version of the story and get to it!

A series of life events, led to a year long “What do I want to be, create and do with my life?” deep dive. ACTING, a passion I’d buried which both, terrified and thrilled me, came rushing to the surface. There are no words to describe the precise moment, but, I knew without a doubt that telling stories is where I was destined to be!


Entering the entertainment industry without personal contacts or relationships was daunting. However, there was a freedom that came with discovering things along the way.

As I developed fruitful relationships and received accolades for my work, I’ve held onto the giddiness, curiosity and joy of turning each discovery into truthful action on screen, stage and the page.

I’m not sure what brought you to my website, but, thanks for swinging by!

I hope my words and work contained within this site serve as a reminder that the scary and daunting road may be the path to your deep seeded dreams.

 With Gratitude,


Want to collaborate? I’d love to!


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Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

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