Oordeel is the viral filmic adaptation of Nia Fairweather’s critically acclaimed monologue of the same name

Oordeel marks Nia Fairweather's third film collaboration the award-winning director, Kiel Adrian Scott. Their previous collaborations include the short films Effigies and the award winning, The Roe Effect

Oordeel screened at the BET Awards Film Experience, Short Film Showcases and has been featured on the websites www.CreativeControlTV.com and www.WorldStarHipHop.com.

Watch Oordeel in it’s entirety for FREE by clicking the video above!

Directed by Kiel Adrian Scott
Starring Nia Fairweather
Written & Produced by Nia Fairweather
Director of Photography: Kurt Williamson
Production Design/ Wardrobe: Kevin Kedroe
Sound Design: Dominique DeLeon
Hair & Make Up: Dre Brown
Photography: Jamil Smith